MULT/AP Multilingual Aptitude Test

The MULT/AP test has been created and developed by Markus Christiner and Susanne Maria Reiterer and is based on previous research of its creators at the University of Vienna.

The MULT/AP reveals the basic phonetic aptitude to perceive unfamiliar language material and thus the potential to discriminate language differences. Apart from the general score, the ability to discriminate tone languages, stressed timed languages or syllable timed languages can be measured as well. Additionally, a questionnaire which is integrated in the test design reveals further information about other factors such as age, gender and different cognitive abilities which contribute to phonetic perception aptitude. The test has been designed for testing Europeans and North Americans as one requirement for receiving reliable results is based on the fact that those who are tested do not understand the languages used. This ensures that educational differences cannot influence the results and thus allows measuring the pure potential of phonetic aptitude perception of individuals.

Below you find some work that led to the MULT/AP:

Christiner M. and Reiterer S.M. (2013) Song and speech: examining the link between singing talent and speech imitation ability. Front. Psychol. 4:874. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2013.00874

Christiner M. and Reiterer S.M. (2015) A Mozart is not a Pavarotti: singers outperform instrumentalists on foreign accent imitation. Front. Hum. Neurosci. 9:482. doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2015.00482

Christiner M. and Reiterer  S. (2016) Music, Song and Speech: a closer look at the interfaces between musicality, singing and individual differences in phonetic language aptitude. In Cognitive individual differences in second language processing and acquisition, G. Granena, D.O. Jackson & Y. Yilmaz (eds), 131-156. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. doi: 10.1075/bpa.3.07chr

The MULT/AP is operated by Christiner e.U. and runs at Christiner Questionnaires as an online-application. The test itself is free of charge but for administration and technical operation an administrative fee is charged. Every participant can log in online via a username and a password. The individual scores of all participants will be provided by Christiner e.U. as a CSV or XL file.

Several versions of the test are available, one for pre-school and primary school children, one for teenagers and one for adults as well as a short version of each of these. Each test consists of several subsections and a questionnaire.

How to cite the MULT/AP:

Christiner M. and Reiterer S.M. (2017) MULT/AP Multilingual language aptitude test. Vienna: Christiner Questionnaires.


Overview about the MULT/AP series:

MULT/AP Standard (MULT/AP for adults)

questionnaire, MULT/AP-A, MULT/AP-B, MULT/AP-C

MULT/AP Teenager

questionnaire, MULT/AP-a, MULT/AP-b, MULT/AP-c

MULT/AP Pre/Primary

questionnaire, MULT/AP-aa, MULT/AP-bb, MULT/AP-cc


Short versions:

MULT/AP Standard Version S

questionnaire, MULT/AP-A-S, MULT/AP-B-S, MULT/AP-C-S

MULT/AP Teenager Version S

questionnaire, MULT/AP-a-S, MULT/AP-b-S, MULT/AP-c-S

MULT/AP Pre/Primary Version S

questionnaire, MULT/AP-aa-S, MULT/AP-bb-S, MULT/AP-cc-S


Overview about the cost:

The test is operated by Christiner e.U. online on Christiner Questionnaires. Please find below the charges for administration and technical infrastructure.

Setup per test:  100,- €

Setup per user: 1,- €

Setup includes the setup of a specific MULT/AP test and the installation of the users (participants) ordered. It also includes the report of the scores after an agreed period of time.

As a matter of course our technicians can implement special adaptions that you might want to have.

Technician per hour: 100,- €

If you have any questions please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will be pleased to also tailor packages to universities and will present an individual offer especially for larger numbers of participants.